Codeup Cloud Academy adds Amazon Web Services (AWS) to its System Administration program.

The organization formerly known as Rackspace Open Cloud Academy (OCA) has two programs: System Administration and Cyber Cloud. Up until recently, the System Administration program focused on Networking, Linux, and Rackspace cloud. Since Codeup’s acquisition of OCA in April 2021, these programs have been getting a makeover with an industry-first approach. Responding to employer needs has always driven Codeup’s historic employment outcomes. Now, it will for Codeup Cloud Academy (CCA) as well.

Moving forward, both of CCA’s programs will teach the most in-demand cloud skills on the market: Amazon Web Services (AWS). While the System Administration program will still cover Networking and Linux, it has pivoted from Rackspace cloud to AWS. AWS is a cloud-computing platform that offers services across storage, computing, content delivery, and more with flexible, scalable, and reliable support. As the tech industry has evolved, more and more companies are moving from on-premises networking to the cloud, using providers like Amazon to manage their hosting.

Since AWS is a leader in the industry, all CCA students will learn a variety of AWS topics across two of the AWS certifications: Certified Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate. By studying this content, students will become familiar with the fundamentals of the cloud, the suite of products offered by AWS, and how to architect a cloud solution.

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